Periodontitis: Your Gums' Worst Enemy

If you are experiencing discomfort or tenderness in your gums you may have periodontal disease.  Other signs include bleeding gums, ression, mobility and bad breath.


Periodontal disease is a condition that destroys the connective and structual tissues surrounding each tooth.  Destructive bacteria lies between the tooth and gum and continues to work it way down to the root.  This activity destroys the connective tissue and eventually destroys the supportive bone and the teeth become loose.


Through a series of soft tissue therapy this disease can be stopped.  A thorough cleaning below the gumline eliminates the harmful bacteria and removes the build up of calculus on the root surface.  This stimulates the regeneration of healthy tissue and stops the bone loss.


A combination of soft tissue therapy and a commitment to good pral hygiene habits can eliminate periodontal disease and save your teeth!